Helena Moon - Author and illustrator


'the secret of the lost song of joy'


The perfect keepsake Christmas Gift for children between approximately 7 - 12 years of age. This heart warming and uplifting book, with it's beautiful illustrations, and message of hope, is a little pearl that will be treasured by it's readers.

'The Secret of the Lost Song of Joy' is an enchanting and timeless children's fable about a rather ordinary little bird, Ananda, with an extraordinary gift.

Ananda has a magical song, which is so beautiful it captivates all who hear it.

However, when lonely Emerald captures the little bird, she is dismayed to discover that he has lost his voice.

Then one night, an unexpected visit from an angel leads Emerald on a celestial journey to search for the magical missing melody.

When she returns home next day,

Emerald realizes she has learned the secret at the very heart of the lost 'Song of Joy'.